CAIMUN 2020 | About


Founded in 2012, Canada International Model United Nations began with the idea of innovation and has since developed to become one of the premier conferences in Western Canada, boasting an excellent and unique delegate experience. Taking a step further this year, we plan to provide the best possible conference quality to students worldwide by integrating exclusive committee choices and unique policies together in order to create an unforgettable experience for all delegates.

Here at CAIMUN, there are boundless opportunities for ingenuity. We have set out to challenge attendees – be it a first time or veteran delegate – through a demand for critical thinking and diplomacy, stimulating innovative debates to represent the true essence of global politics.



CAI Forum

CAIMUN is pleased to offer free internet access in all committee rooms, and indeed, this investment has been made for a reason. The CAI-Forum – it’s the center of innovation, the stronghold of communication, and the ultimate database for progress. The CAI-Forum will be split into multiple sections: a Discussion Forum, Press Releases, WikiLeaks, News Updates, and Committee Resolutions.

As every delegate will have their own account, the first section of the CAI-Forum is the discussion forum, where delegates can communicate publicly and privately within and across committees. It happens more than often that time does not allow for every delegate to make their speech on a certain topic. In these circumstances, the CAI-Forum serves as the underground tunnel for these moderated caucuses, where delegates can make their case even if the Chair does not select them. Additionally, the CAI-Forum's private posting system will be the futuristic supplement to usual note-passing.

In addition to being a means for discussion, the CAI-Forum will be a database. All Press Releases submitted by delegates of Specialized Agencies will be uploaded publicly. The next section will be called WikiLeaks, another innovative CAIMUN idea that you might be able to un-puzzle for yourself (hint: Diplomatic Cables). Crucially important will be the next section – News Updates – that will contain all articles written by IPC members and crises updates. Finally, every single resolution that has been passed in every committee will be obtained and posted onto the CAI-Forum in the Resolutions section.


In addition to the regular rules of Model UN, CAIMUN 2020 continues to uphold its form of caucus: Divided Debate. A brave innovation of CAIMUN, the concept of Divided Debates seeks to revolutionize the efficiency of debate in MUN. Divided Debates will seek to eliminate the circuitous and serpentine jitters from some delegates that provide no new insight to the topics’ development but rather parrots points already made by previous delegates. With two clear sides of alternating speakers, delegates are given the opportunity to directly and efficiently confront the ideas against their country’s policies, out their allies and contestants, and apply different speech features unavailable in moderated caucuses.

International Press Corps

Being part of the International Press Corps at a Model UN conference can be anything from incredible to dull, and at CAIMUN 2020, we’re ensuring the former. The International Press Corps is expanding its function. Often, the relationship between delegates and IPC is one way – IPC writes articles based off of delegates’ discussion; however, at CAIMUN 2020, we will be fostering a more congruent, realistic, and interactive approach to the press corps. With the help of the CAI-Forum, not only will delegates’ actions affect IPC articles, but also, IPC articles will affect delegates’ actions. Just like in real life, the media influences the politics – and as nations will have to maintain their image and explain themselves in the case of a blunder, the Model UN experience will be elevated to a whole new level.


For many delegates, crises are the ultimate paragon of Model UN satisfaction, and at CAIMUN, we want to make sure they are as enjoyable and rewarding as possible. Crises have been experimented with a lot in the past: regular crises, joint-committee crises, and global conference-wide crises. Looking critically upon what makes crises great and what leads to failure, we’ve put together an elaborate and novel plan for crises.

The CAI-Forum will be the river flowing into the sea of diplomacy. As an imperative medium of communication, it will facilitate efficient discussion across committees.